The Concept

The concept of our Team Agility Assessment is unique. It is designed for teams to assess their agility level based on their team members’ responses to a questionnaire. After creating a Team Agility Assessment, team members are added to the assessment. Each team member is presented with an assessment questionnaire. After each team member completes the questionnaire, the Team Agility Assessment tool uses its unique assessment methodology to report both the individual’s assessment of the team’s agility level as well as the overall team’s agility level.



Our unique assessment methodology used in converting members' responses to assessment results is at the heart of value creation. We, at, use a proprietary methodology based on a well-defined algorithm to generate the assessment results. We take immense care to make sure that the questionnaire is properly designed to capture the agile capability of your organization effectively. We also regularly revise and refine the questionnaire to ensure that it takes into account the changes in the industry.


Target Audience

We built the suite of agile management products to cater to various groups of people who want to assess and improve their agility level.

Agile coaches, trainers, consultants, team leads, scrum masters in NGOs, private and public establishments can use the Team Agility Assessment to find out their team’s agility level. Also, small and medium-sized businesses that are considering to adopt or have already adopted the agile practices can benefit from the assessment. If you are a small business or a start-up and do not have a coach working with you at the moment, the Team Agility Assessment is a good way to know your agile capabilities.


Value Proposition

When an agile team attempts the Team Agility Assessment, they will be guided to identify intrinsic challenges, agile knowledge and behavioural gaps in their team. By identifying these things, the team’s agility level can be found out quite accurately. Our Team Agility Assessment tool also comes with a post agility-assessment report that has a section for coaches' comments and suggestions. The agile team can use the coaches’ observations in their continuous improvement process.


Assessment Steps

Creating a Team Agility Assessment for your team is very simple. The team leader or any of the team members can create the assessment. After that, creator will invite team members to take the assessment. When every participant in the team has completed the assessment, the reports are available. There are two separate reports -- Member Agility report and Team Agility report. Each report consists of :

  1. Agility level (Percentage)
  2. Agility level (Bar-chart)
  3. Segment-wise assessment scores
  4. Coach commentaries and analysis.

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