Team Agility Assessment (TAA)



TAA is Using Agility Assessment to Monitor Team Agility In Order to Continuously Improve Value Delivery



When an Agile team attempts this diagnostic assessment they will be guided in identifying intrinsic challenges, Agile knowledge or behavioural gaps.


This tool comes with a post agility assessment report that has a section for coaches' comments (suggestions) that any Agile teams can use in their 'continuous improvement' process



How Team Agility Assessment Works

  1. Team member/leader invites a team (on his dashboard)

  2. All team members receive email & attempt assessment

  3. Tool displays individual and team agility level and presents a report on team leader’s dashboard;

  1. Team now empowered to decide what works better for them

Primary Users

Agile Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Team Leads, Scrum Masters ... in private and public establishments, and NGOs.

Secondary Users

Small and medium businesses that are considering adopting or already adopting the Agile software development methodology. If you are a small business or a start-up and do not have a coach working with you at the moment, the team agility assessment is something to consider.


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